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domingo, 17 de abril de 2011

Moises Saman

"As a photojournalist I am interested in searching for the positive commonalities in human spirit, to expose those intimate moments among people that reminds us of dignity and hope in the face of conflict." 

Moises Saman was born in Lima, Peru, from a mixed Spanish and Peruvian family. At the age of 1 his family relocated to Barcelona, Spain, where Moises spent most of his youth. During his university studies of Communications and Sociology in the United States Moises became interested in photography by following the work of a number of photographers covering the wars in the Balkans, specially the plight of the civilian populations living under the siege of Sarajevo.
Moises interned at several small newspapers in California before moving to New York City in the summer of 1998. The following year, after completing a summer internship at New York Newsday, Moises spent a month traveling in Kosovo photographing the immediate aftermath of the last Balkan war. On his return Moises joined Newsday as a staff photographer where he worked as a press photographer for the next six years, leaving Newsday in 2007 to become a freelance photographer.
Since 2001 Moises’ work has focused on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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